A photo illustration of a student practicing executive functioning skills while participating in an executive dysfunction treatment program at Discovery Ranch South - a residential treatment center for teenage girls and adolescents assigned female at birth

Executive Dysfunction Treatment for Teens

Executive functioning skills help teens with remembering useful information, practicing self-control, and managing their time. Discovery Ranch South is a residential treatment center that helps teen girls with a variety of problems, including providing executive dysfunction treatment. Discovery Ranch South is not a military school. It is a residential care program that helps struggling teens…

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Phases of Change

At Discovery Ranch for Girls, we believe in different tactics when it comes to program advancement. Our main goal is to provide our girls with the tools to succeed beyond the therapy sphere. The system that we use, our Phases of Change mirror the levels of development in a healthy maturing young adult. These real-life…

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Teen Music Therapy for Mental Health | Discovery Ranch South, A Residential Treatment Center for Girls and Teens Assigned Female at Birth

Teen Music Therapy for Mental Health: Expert Techniques & Benefits

Discovery Ranch South not only provides help for struggling girls and teens assigned female at birth, but Discovery Ranch South also helps young women to become the best possible versions of themselves. This process often includes discovering new hobbies or interests. Students typically leave Discovery Ranch South having found new talents and skills through teen…

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“We know what we are, but not what we may be.” — Ophelia, Hamlet: Prince of Denmark, William Shakespeare By Alex Allred Most people focus on the ranch part of Discovery Ranch for Girls. The word ranch conjures images of dust, boots, and horses. Dust, boots, and horses are a part of life on the…

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a woman plays with her dog as a way to illustrate self-care for parents | Discovery Ranch South, a Residential Treatment Center for Girls and Teens assigned Female at Birth

Self-Care for Parents

Self-care is care that is provided by yourself, for yourself. When your teen is crisis and out of control, taking any time for yourself can feel selfish. It isn’t. It is necessary, and probably one of the best things that you can do to help support your teen. By practicing self-care, you will show your…

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Have You Talked with Your Daughter About Porn?

By Maia Christopherson   Society and stereotypes would tell us that porn is only a guy problem. Because of this, parents are careful to talk with their sons about porn but aren’t as keen on talking to their daughters about the subject. This divide is problematic, because despite what many think, porn is an issue…

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Soccer Balls, Hope, and Healing

Soccer Balls, Hope, and Healing By: Rick Haag, English Teaching Assistant and Soccer Coach UNITED IN A COMMON GOAL I have been running (pun intended) the soccer program at Discovery Ranch for Girls (DRG) the past two years. I have witnessed miracles. I look at DRG and have explained it to parents, as a solar…

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Mental Health Travel for Teens | Discovery Ranch South, a Residential Treatment Center for Girls and Teens Assigned Female at Birth

The Benefits of Mental Health Travel for Teens

As adolescents navigate the challenges of growing up in today’s fast-paced world, mental health issues can arise, affecting their overall well-being. Fortunately, mental health travel experiences offer a unique and effective approach to support the emotional and psychological needs of teens. From immersive nature retreats to therapeutic adventures, these programs provide a healing environment for…

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Unlocking Social Skills for Teens

There is nothing quite like watching a gym of teenage boys and girls walk from opposite sides of the room to meet each other. The room filled with excitement, reluctance, and curiosity as the youth played introduction games to learn each other’s names and break the ice. It seemed to make waking up early to…

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NATSAP Research Designated Program

Discovery Ranch For Girls is proud to announce that “on behalf of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs and the Research Committee, Discovery Ranch for Girls has been accepted as a Research Designated Program (RDP).” Yay! Hard work, focus, dedication to excellence and expert staff and family cooperation has led to this achievement…

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Rachel Platten private concert at Discovery Ranch, NO WAY!

Sometimes things just happen the way they are supposed to happen. With two phone calls, one quick-thinking mom and a very willing and generous Rachel Platten, Discovery Ranch for Girls enjoyed an on-campus, private concert by this talented musician! What? Private concert with Rachel Platten! by Andrea Burgess – Executive Director [blockquote]“When Raphaele approached Rachel…

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