Our Teen Treatment Program

Thank you for taking a step toward finding your child the environment and support that she needs to heal. We recognize that you love your child. Sending them away is likely one of the more painful experiences of your life. You have done everything in your power to help her at home.

Thank you for trusting Discovery Ranch South to provide your child with the care and support that they need to thrive in the future.


Make An Informed Decision About Your Child's Future


Overview of Discovery Ranch South

Any parent of a teen or preteen knows the challenges parents face today. These challenges are compounded when parents care for a teen who struggles with ADHD, adoption issues, anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, oppositional defiance, self-harm, or suicidal ideation.

This article will describe how the relationship-based treatment provided at Discovery Ranch South can be instrumental in providing teens with the support they need to transform their lives.

The integrated approach to care that can be found at the ranch, as described by the CARE model, allows clinicians, teachers, and other staff members to be aware of and address each student's needs.

Parents are also a vital part of the treatment process. Along with the clinical, academic, residential, and experiential staff members, they are a part of their child's treatment team. They play a vital role in guiding their child toward healing.

Relationship-Based Treatment

Most teens who come to a residential treatment center are initially unwilling to engage in the treatment process. Discovery Ranch South helps students to overcome their initial reluctance by forging solid relationships.

Therapists, teachers, teacher's aides, and mentors all work together to create lasting bonds with students. These relationships become the open doors through which healing can enter.

Relationship-Based Treatment

Is a Residential Treatment Center Right for Your Teen?


Parent Involvement

As a parent, you are always a vital part of the treatment process. You will be part of your teen's treatment team. Together with the other members of the Treatment Team, you will help guide your child through the healing process.

You will also receive assistance yourself. During weekly virtual therapy sessions, you will learn how to connect with your teen in new, healthier ways.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to engage with parents of teens who are facing similar challenges. During Parents Days, you can meet with parents of teens who have faced similar challenges and learn from content experts and each other.

Our research & outcomes show teens can live a life free from mental health issues


75% of students report they are more comfortable sharing feelings with their parents.

75% of students & parents report significantly better family functioning


90% of parents report teen is much better compared to the beginning of treatment


96% of both parents and students showed consistent improvement on problem behavior (Y-OQ) and emotional problems tests (BPFS-C)


100% of students report their problems are much better than when they began


Six months after graduation, 100% of parents and students say that their problems are much better than when they began