Top Residential Family Treatment Program

Parent participation plays a crucial role in the success of teen therapy. When a teen is in therapy, the family is also in therapy. That’s why we create specific treatment protocols that involve parents and sometimes siblings. There are four ways Discovery Ranch South promotes parent therapy involvement:


Weekly Family Therapy

Every week, each teen and their family participate in a family therapy session with the family’s therapist through telephone or video teleconference. They are scheduled at times that best accommodate the family’s schedule. These sessions are critical to the student’s therapeutic progress and both parents are strongly encouraged to participate.

Parent and Student Visits

Parents are welcome and encouraged to visit Discovery Ranch. Parents can coordinate their visits with their child’s therapist for optimal therapy impact.

Student visits progress from on-campus to off-campus, overnight, and eventually home visits. Visits help parents and students gauge their progress behaviorally and therapeutically. This provides important insights for clinicians.

Additionally, our campus has growth opportunities that will eventually allow us to offer on-site clinical counseling for parents and teens together. We look forward to developing that aspect of therapeutic offerings.

Parent Seminar

Parent Seminar occurs three times a year, typically in February, June, and October. Parents can visit the Ranch and experience some of the activities that their teenager enjoys. Parents attend seminars designed to help them better understand their teen and the Discovery Ranch program. This gives parents an opportunity to meet our staff and their teen's peers.

Improved Family Relationships

The Discovery Ranch treatment brings parents and students together. With clinical guidance, they can identify and share emotions, as well as resolve conflict. They learn communication and behavioral skills that are fundamental to healthy, happy family relationships.

Online Parent Portal

Discovery Ranch South helps parents stay connected to their child's progress through a password-secured website. The Parent Portal lets parents review their teen’s academic progress, clinical information, and residential reports. They can also access pictures of their teen participating in special events and daily activities at the Ranch. This information is available only to the parents of each student, not to the Discovery Ranch community as a whole. Parents are encouraged to send questions or comments to the Discovery Ranch staff through the parent portal.

Use the link below to access the Parent Portal login. You will need to put in the username and password that you received during the admissions process.

Our research & outcomes show teens can live a life free from mental health issues


75% of students report they are more comfortable sharing feelings with their parents.

75% of students & parents report significantly better family functioning


90% of parents report teen is much better compared to the beginning of treatment


96% of both parents and students showed consistent improvement on problem behavior (Y-OQ) and emotional problems tests (BPFS-C)


100% of students report their problems are much better than when they began


Six months after graduation, 100% of parents and students say that their problems are much better than when they began