NATSAP Research Designated Program

NATSAP research designation
Discovery Ranch For Girls is proud to announce that “on behalf of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs and the Research Committee, Discovery Ranch for Girls has been accepted as a Research Designated Program (RDP).” Yay!
Hard work, focus, dedication to excellence and expert staff and family cooperation has led to this achievement and is an indicator of our continued commitment to studying our results and taking what we learn to make us a better program! Serving families with our best is our number one priority.
Not just any program can become a Research Designated Program. There are strict requirements that help guide programs like Discovery Ranch for Girls in their research efforts and require a high level of participation from families and students during and after the program end as results of effective treatment and outcomes are evaluated. At Discovery Ranch we go beyond the minimum requirements and have added additional research tools and methods in order to gain the best perspective on how we can better serve the families that put their trust in our care. You can learn more about our research, outcomes and the benefits of creating a program based upon trackable outcomes by visiting our Research and Outcomes page on our website here.
“The National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) recognizes the need and responsibility to conduct appropriate research on its professional practices. We welcome Discovery Ranch For Girls as one of the 38 programs who have made the commitment to demonstrate how your practice in a meaningful way. In doing so, you are helping others understand the impact and effectiveness of our programs.”
If you are interested in learning more about our research results and how they have helped shape Discovery Ranch for Girls to become one of the top residential treatment programs for girls in the nation please contact us directly at: 855-667-9388