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Sarah Yardley
Admissions Director, Discovery Ranch South


Meet the Team Answering Your Calls

Sarah Yardley

Sarah Yardley

Admissions Director

Sarah Yardley

Admissions Director

Sarah began working at Discovery Ranch for Girls in 2015 as a Residential Mentor. She is glad for her time spent working directly with students and grateful for all that she has learned from her various positions. She has thoroughly enjoyed working with families in Admissions and is happy that she gets to continue in that role as the Admissions Director.Sarah herself is a mother and feels that she can put herself in the shoes of the parents who are making the difficult decision to place their child in a treatment facility. Her favorite part of working at Discovery Ranch for Girls is seeing the progress in the girls’ relationships, and the change in their demeanor as they go through the program and become strong, purposeful young women.

FAQs About Discovery Ranch South

Individual Therapy
Your daughter will have two therapy sessions each week. One therapy session will be family therapy. You will be able to take part in these therapy sessions via video conferencing.

Group Therapy
Your daughter will take part in six core therapy groups and up to two specialty therapy groups. The core groups include DBT, art, equine, recreation, interpersonal process, and phase. Specialty groups include attachment, body image, trauma, seeking safety, narcotics anonymous, and music.

You will play a vital part in your daughter’s recovery. You will be supported by a team of professionals. These professionals have experience in helping young women like your daughter. Everyone on the team shares the goal of helping your daughter to return home. When your daughter returns home, she will be able to be independent and successful.

You will also be invited to a Parent Seminar three times a year. These seminars take place in February, June, and October. They consist of workshops that take place on Wednesday through Friday. If your daughter is at the appropriate level, you will have the chance for an extended visit on the weekend.

You will be able to exchange letters with your daughter at any time. Many families find that exchanging letters encourages thoughtful communication. There is also an open visit policy.

When your daughter earns an appropriate phase, she will be able to call home. How often your daughter is allowed to call depends on the level that she has earned.

Each month, you will also have the chance to take part in a webinar with the Clinical Director. These webinars will help you to understand the challenges your daughter faces. They are also an opportunity to connect with other families. These families are struggling with similar issues.

Your daughter will be taught by certified teachers. There is also a teacher’s aide in each class. You will not be expected to choose between your daughter attending school or therapy. Each program receives its own block of time.

For most girls, their academic ability improves as their mental health improves. The academic program focuses on mastering concepts. This allows your daughter to move quickly through concepts she has mastered. She will also be able to spend more time working on subjects that are more difficult for her.

Your daughter will have a healthy high school experience. She will have the chance to take part in clubs. Each club meets once or twice a week. Your daughter will be able to choose two or three clubs. Clubs include soccer, technology, musical theater, science, culture and book club.

Outdoor Recreation
Your daughter will take part in recreational trips with her therapist every Friday. Recreation serves several therapeutic purposes. One purpose is helping to motivate your daughter through the program. Another purpose is giving her a chance to get to know her therapist and her peers.

Recreational activities include kayaking, skiing, rock climbing, hiking, service projects, and other seasonal activities. These are probably very different than the activities that she takes part in while she is at home. That is by design. By taking part in new and interesting activities she can begin to think differently. In this way, recreational activities augment and support your daughter’s therapeutic experiences.

These activities will also give your daughter a chance to gain new interests and hobbies. These new healthy hobbies can replace old, unhealthy behaviors when she returns home.

While your daughter is at the ranch, she will take care of a baby calf. Caring for the calf will give her the chance to develop empathy and responsibility. She will be responsible for bottle-feeding the calf three times a day. Within a few months, the calf will begin eating hay and grain. The calf’s autonomy mirrors your experience with your daughter.

For many young women, caring for the calf is an open door that leads to greater participation in the program. Even when a student is not willing to care for herself, she can still find the motivation to take care of a calf. When girls are successful in the calf program, it often leads to success in other areas too.

We understand that healthy eating is important to having a healthy body and mind. That is why our professional, trained chef works with our nutritionist to create our menu. Your daughter will eat nutritious meals made from whole foods. Also, if your daughter has special dietary restrictions the chef will accommodate them.

Many mental health concerns are directly related to self-care such as healthy eating. Most of the young women at the ranch have challenges with over or under-eating. At the ranch, your daughter will learn about Mindful eating. Mindful eating will help your daughter to heal her relationship with food and her body.

Most of the meals served at the ranch are made from scratch. They are made to feed the soul as well as the belly. Meals are a highly nurturing part of the day. They are also a chance for your daughter to be social and have fun.

The chef bakes a cake for girls on their birthdays. Holidays have full celebratory, healthy meals.

What Other Families Say About Their Experience at DRS

to protect the privacy of our clients, this is a photoillustration of a parent who gave an authentic review of our anxiety treatment program for teens | Discovery Ranch South - a Residential Treatment Center for Adolescent Girls and Teens Assigned Female at Birth

This place was wonderful for our daughter, who was suffering from severe depression and anxiety. She loved bonding with the animals and the other girls in the program. The staff was very caring and top-notch. Thanks to their teachings, our daughter is a much better communicator and is better equipped to cope with whatever life throws her way.

Julie C.

Mother of an alumna
To protect the privacy of our clients, this is a photoillustration of a parent who gave an authentic review of our Residential anxiety treatment program for teens | Discovery Ranch South - a Residential Treatment Center for Adolescent Girls and Teens Assigned Female at Birth

Discovery Ranch was amazing for our 16-year-old daughter. She struggled with severe anxiety, OCD, depression and avoidance. She had stopped going to school despite being incredibly smart. She had essentially stopped doing anything, preferring to isolate in her room. She came out a different person - or I should say, the girl we had not seen for a long time. We would highly recommend DRG to anybody whose daughter is struggling. It is a well-run, safe, amazing program.

Carla C.

Mother of an alumna
To protect the privacy of our clients, this is a photoillustration of a parent who gave an authentic review on our google profile of our Residential treatment program for anxiety in teens | Discovery Ranch South - a Residential Treatment Center for Adolescent Girls and Teens Assigned Female at Birth

DRS saved our daughter's life. Sounds dramatic, right? Maybe so but it's absolutely the truth and we've heard our daughter say the same thing countless times. The programs are astonishingly diverse and effective. Bovine, equine, rec., performing arts, group, RO-DBT, brain spotting and traditional talk therapy all focus on your daughter's healing and recovery. I can't speak to everyone's experience but I can speak to ours: DRG is filled with talented, loving, caring professionals. Amazing, simply amazing. Our family has hope again and I could not be more thankful. My succinct definition of DRS is this: DRS is an oasis of love and healing in the high desert of southern Utah. Writing this review is my way of paying forward my thanks for what DRG has done for our daughter and our family. I wish you luck. Don't give up. Call DRS.

Richard F.

Father of an alumna
To protect the privacy of our clients, this is a photoillustration of a parent who gave an authentic review of our Residential anxiety treatment program for teens | Discovery Ranch South - a Residential Treatment Center for Adolescent Girls and Teens Assigned Female at Birth

Our daughter attended DRG and we could not have been more proud of her growth during her time there and after. The Ranch is beautiful and the work with the animals was so important to her. The staff and her therapist were absolutely wonderful. Since returning home, she has completed high school early and just completed her cosmetology program. Our relationships in the family are extremely strong as a result of everyone's openness and willingness to put in the work. She is so excited to begin her career and we are excited to see where she takes it. We certainly would not be at this point if it were not for her hard work and the support of those at the Ranch.

Debbie C.

Mother of an alumna

Our research & outcomes show teens can live a life free from mental health issues


75% of students report they are more comfortable sharing feelings with their parents.

75% of students & parents report significantly better family functioning


90% of parents report teen is much better compared to the beginning of treatment


96% of both parents and students showed consistent improvement on problem behavior (Y-OQ) and emotional problems tests (BPFS-C)


100% of students report their problems are much better than when they began


Six months after graduation, 100% of parents and students say that their problems are much better than when they began

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Backed by The Joint Commission which ensures programs adhere to the highest quality of clinical and medical practices.


Designated as a NATSAP Research Program, showing our commitment to well-researched practices in our program.


Full member of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP), which ensure regulation of programs that serve children and adolescents.


Discovery Ranch South is fully licensed in the state of Utah.

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