Rachel Platten private concert at Discovery Ranch, NO WAY!

Sometimes things just happen the way they are supposed to happen. With two phone calls, one quick-thinking mom and a very willing and generous Rachel Platten, Discovery Ranch for Girls enjoyed an on-campus, private concert by this talented musician! What? Private concert with Rachel Platten! by Andrea Burgess – Executive Director [blockquote]“When Raphaele approached Rachel…

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Self-Compassion for Teens – How One Teen Learned to Love Herself

Teaching self-compassion for teens through a culinary arts class at Discovery Ranch South, a residential treatment center for girls and teens assigned female at birth

“I could see and sense her excitement as she talked about blending good nutrition, good variety and good presentation in the meals that she prepares… with Amani, it wasn’t all about the food. The food is simply a medium for Amani to demonstrate how much she cares for those who she serves.” The droplet hit…

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